About Tulum

Tulum is amayan city which stands 130 kms away of Cancun. However, the comparison between the two could be quantified in more than just time and space. After going into the ruins visitors are greeted with a field of gently-rolling hills. Grey and black rock outcroppings, which were buildings, scatter the sunbaked landscape.

Tulum Spanish School

Tulum Spanish School

Most notable among the constructions that are remaining is fortress, or the Castillo, which is perched on the border of a 12-metre limestone cliff, looking out on the Caribbean shore. Made from limestone, the 784-metre wall changes between three and five meters, is seven metres thick, and encloses the site on three sides. Undoubtedly this fortification helped maintain the seaport safe from outside attacks. Chiselled over the doorway of the temple is a body in a tail as well as what is apparently bird’s wings.

Like the questions which encompass the fall of the Mayan world, you can find many theories why Tulum is surrounded by a wall. One features a Mayan people of 600 to the interior, protected from invaders. Another indicates nobility and just priests were placed inside the walls, while peasants were kept externally.

Here visitors understand that what’s left of Tulum can ignite the imagination. Given the seaport was a connection with all the exterior world, can there be any hints regarding what occurred to the culture here? It is a question so do not be discouraged if an answer is not clear, archeologists and historians grapple with.

Spanish School in Tulum Mexico

Spanish School in Tulum Mexico

Interesting to notice at the center of the section that is living is a god astride a four-legged creature considered to be a horse. If it is a horse, it might mean when they could have observed the creatures for the very first time together with the coming of the Spanish Mayans inhabited Tulum in 1518. This diving god is thought to signify a Mayan deity who protected the individuals and is especially well preserved on various buildings across the site.

North of the Castillo is a path that leads down into a sandy shore as well as the multi-hued Caribbean. For visual play, a walk across the shore provides considerable opportunity for photos. The walk is an experience around, into and under nooks and crannies carved from the cliffs. Each added turn brings a brand new, secluded stretch of the Caribbean, representing on the ruins and perfect for swimming.

Tulum´s Attractions

In case your dream Mexico beach holiday is about mega resorts and about seeing Mayan ruins, taking yoga classes at daybreak, and munching by the ocean, the answer will be fit by a trip to Tulum. The primary attraction is the immaculate shore, among the most beautiful in Mexico, plus the laid back feeling of the town of Tulum – it is possible to pass your days by the pool having a drink in hand as well as a novel.

There is also much to see and do nearby; a recent boom in tourist traveling to Tulum has resulted in a welcome upswing in the pub and restaurant scene, and there is a thriving strip of high class hotels and resorts over the shore.

Things you cannot possibly miss in your next travel to Tulum

Tulum offers activities and sights for history buffs and late night revelers alike, using a mix of archeological ruins for touring for partying, as well as a booming nightlife scene.

When to Visit Tulum

Tulum tends to get warm weather throughout the year, with highs remaining within the 70s and 80s. In December, the temperature never drops below 60 degrees, so if you travel to Tulum you’ll find tropical, weather that is bright. Tulum’s most rainy months are October, September, and June. In the event that you are not fond of bunches, January through March finds the greatest tide of tourists avert this interval.